Air Conditioning

High Level Specialists have assisted various air conditioning / extraction ducting companies throughout the UK in the installation, removal and cleaning of air handling / conditioning and extraction systems both internally and externally.

We pride ourselves and our labour force as a highly-motivated team made up from individuals who are all highly trained in their own specialist areas and produce only quality workmanship

Where new systems are installed we have used rope access techniques to abseil inside the ducting to alter baffles, adjust and replace seals and also apply specialist fire retardant sealant to ensure the ducts integrity in the event of a fire.

Where old redundant systems have been identified we have also assisted in the removal and re-instatement of these both internally and externally. New, more modern systems have been lifted into place with our rigging expertise and fixing specifications.

As specialists in this field we are able to offer confined space working teams to carry out surveys, cleaning and maintenance of existing duct work

We also carry out air tightness surveys where air leaks are detected; we can survey this internally and seal the duct from inside.

We are happy to assist access to enable long term cleaning and maintenance programmes, providing eyebolt installations and systems to enable the safe entry into ducts for annual cleaning and maintenance contracts (ProActive Maintenance) This can be arranged to fulfill the quarterly, or annual inspections required by insurance companies to ensure the extraction ducting does not cause a fire hazard.

Our technicians can also use rope access techniques to assist in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning ducts located in the atrium’s of buildings; using rope access techniques is proven to reduce cost and increase efficiency, minimising the quantity of plant machinery needed to access these areas.

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