Atrium Works

HLS can access the difficult and unreachable areas of your building using rope access techniques.

Reactive and Proactive Maintenance of atrium’s is undertaken by HLS; work in these areas is often bespoke. Glazing, metal works, lighting , air conditioning ducts and roosting birds are all often found in the difficult to reach atrium’s of buildings.

The commercial cleaning of these areas is often required, HLS provide the following systems of work for this:

Vac Systems

We use modern pneumatic vacuum systems to efficiently process most types recoverable materials including dusts, sludge, solids and powders. Additionally our technicians are trained in the use of backpack and shoulder carried vacuum cleaners.

Reach and Wash

Water fed pole systems provide a safe means to reach and wash high areas. They eliminate the use of ladders and the need for expensive and hazardous equipment. Pressures in excess of 3000psi (200bar) ensure powerful water jets can clean windows, glass roofs, skylights, signs, atria, and canopies with ease.

HLS provide access and maintenance of atria and internal roofs

Because our access systems rarely require the provision of scaffolding or cherry pickers, the set up time is minimal and can be easily removed during business opening hours.  It is possible to carry out works at night to avoid disruption to your own business.

We have a variety of techniques we can  use to clean these normally inaccessible areas

HLS can access the following areas in atrium’s to provide installation, maintenance or cleaning:

  • High level internal glazing
  • High level internal atrium’s
  • High level open front entrances
  • High level internal glazed balconies

HLS have experience of undertaking High Level Electrical Installations at height and employ the relevant qualified rope access technicians for this task. Again electrical installations at height through rope access is an economical and efficient method for installation and maintenance.

HLS can also undertake Bird Control at height within the internal atrium’s of buildings; it is not uncommon for birds to find their way indoors and roost in those difficult to reach areas causing noise and pollution in the process. HLS have experience in successfully and safely removing birds and associated guano from these difficult to reach areas.

HLS has undertakes bird control within internal atrium’s at Heathrow Airport – London (News).

The installation of Christmas and Holiday Decorations is another option using rope access techniques; often shopping centres, garden centres and commercial buildings require this service and we can provide and install throughout the UK.

The actual method we use to gain access depends entirely upon your buildings design, but can range from simple scaffolding towers, hydraulic platforms and our preferred method of rope access. All methods come with appropriate due care and attention to health and safety considerations, method statements and risk assessments.

Atrium works are available commercially throughout the UK in locations such as Edinburgh, London and Manchester.

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