Banner and Sign Installation

High Level Specialists are available for banner and sign installations anywhere and at any height on a structure or building.

The advantage of our rope access approach to the installation is its safety, efficiency and flexibility.

The use of scaffolding and machinery to access heights for banner and sign installation is not always practical; the use of rope access techniques provides an economical solution for your banner and sign installation and provides no disruption or obstructions to your business and the public.

At HLS we have experience of installing banners and signage on:

  • Silos
  • Chimneys
  • Trade shows
  • Museums
  • Office blocks
  • University campuses
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Premises

If necessary banner and signage installation can be undertaken at night / out of trading hours to further reduce the disruption and obstructions to your business.

Rope Access Sign Installation - High Level Specialists. Banner and Sign Installation Birmingham High Level Specialists - Banner and Sign Installation London. High Level Specialists - Banner and Sign Installation Newcastle Banner and Sign Installation - Hilton Hotel, Blackpool

HLS also specialises in the installation of vinyl and graphics to both windows and structures at height.

Similarly to the banner and sign installation, the installation of vinyls and graphics is also undertaken using rope access (industrial abseiling); this enables installation at great heights and in difficult to reach / access areas of buildings.

Window vinyls can be supplied through one of our many quality partners and installed by ourselves.

The installation of graphics and vinyls will also include the pre cleaning of the area and / or windows and all application equipment and tools.

HLS can also remove vinyl and graphics if required at height or in difficult to reach areas; removal of vinyl and graphics will also include a post clean of the area and / or windows to remove any solvent residue.

HLS provide Banner and Sign installations and Vinyl installations throughout the UK; including locations such as Manchester, London and Liverpool.

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