HLS technicians provide a bird netting installation at a prestigious apartment block in central London.

In only one full but long day our skilled technicians installed a large (40 metre x 16 metre) bird net to protect the prestigious apartments from pest problems.

HLS provide a bird netting installation in London, England. HLS provide a bird netting installation in London, England.

The bird netting installation  was necessary to prevent roosting birds making themselves at home underneath people’s windows and in the roof spaces of the building. The installation also ensures that bird guano will not be defacing the apartment complex and causing hygiene issues.

Using rope access techniques our technicians can easily reach all areas of buildings / structures; this is essential as bird netting and spike systems more often than not, require installing in difficult to reach areas at height.

HLS technicians are experts at installing equipment to assist in Bird Control, we install both netting and spiking systems nationwide.

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