Bridge Inspection Repair and Maintenance

With the use of rope access and cradle access systems HLS can significantly reduced the overall project costs associated with Bridge Inspection Repair and Maintenance.

All works can be undertaken from the ground up, or down, thereby eliminating the requirement for expensive isolation’s of the bridge.

Project duration is reduced as scaffolding is not required thereby reducing site establishment and clearance times. Furthermore all preparatory works for the inspection can be undertaken by industrial rope access, further increasing site efficiency.

High Level Specialists undertake the following Specialised Bridge Services:

  • Bridge inspection and surveys
  • Spandrel tie bars and pattress plate installation
  • Replacement of defective brickwork for patch repairs in arch rings
  • Grouting of brickwork and stonework fractures
  • Arch rings – cross stitching and grouting
  • Stitching of longitudinal cracks between voussoirs and arch barrel
  • Concrete repair and reinforcement renewal
  • Jointing and pointing – brickwork and stonework
  • Spandrel damage repairs
  • Brickwork and stonework priming
  • Crack injection
  • Commercial bridge cleaning

HLS also undertake Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of bridges and their associated structures to check and certify their integrity; again the difficult to reach areas of bridges can be reached and tested by our team of industrial rope access technicians.

All Bridge Inspection, Repair and Maintenance services are available throughout the UK; HLS are based in Lancashire (North West) but can deploy specialist technicians nationwide to locations such as London, Newcastle and Lancaster.

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