Builders Cleans / Sparkle Cleans

HLS are historically specialists in commercial and industrial cleaning and, before the formation of HLS, operated for ten years as one of the North West’s most reliable and professional specialist cleaning companies, CSE Commercial Cleaners offering all Builders Cleans / Sparkle Cleans.

HLS offer the following industrial and commercial cleaning services:

  • Builders Cleans
  • Sparkle Cleans
  • Construction Cleaning

 Builders Cleans:

HLS clean the entire building post build ensuring that the first impressions for your company and clients are excellent – first impressions count and cannot be underestimated!

Use HLS for your builders cleans and leave a lasting impression

We have a proven track record delivering and managing builders’ cleans, handing over fully cleaned premises, fulfilling client’s specifications and exceeding expectations.

From our base in Lancashire, builders’ cleans can be implemented by our expertly trained staff so that your company’s first impression is impeccable at the point of handover, turning a construction site into a new facility fit for commercial use or for an organisation.

HLS provide the best builders’ cleans that Manchester, Lancashire and the North West have to offer

The correct builders’ cleans ensure that once the builders or shop fitters have left, your new premises look perfect prior to their public unveiling. The importance of this first impression on your customers cannot be underestimated – rely on HLS to give your premises that vital last clean before the curtain goes up – you and your customers will not be disappointed!

HLS provide cleaning to all internal and external areas of your building:

  • Our commercial cleaning technicians will thoroughly clean all internal areas, carpets, laminate, tiles, kitchens, bathrooms, work surfaces, equipment, light fittings, glass, mirrors etc. Nothing will be missed. Our technicians can clean and access all areas of the internal of the premises, high glass ceilings, ventilation systems, large equipment and machinery – no problem!
  • We utilise the expertise of our pressure washing technicians to thoroughly clean the external areas of your building; car parks, pavements, block paving and loading bays will all be restored to new, removing all construction debris.
  • Our Powered Access and Rope Access technicians may also be utilised to clean the external of the building itself (dependent upon height); brickwork, cladding, fascias, steelworks and glazing will all be thoroughly cleaned

Sparkle Cleans:

It is common within the construction industry for Builders Cleans to be undertaken before all of the construction is complete – this seems strange, but often individual construction companies may be obliged to handover at a specific date, even if other construction companies are still on site.

It is often because of this that HLS provide a second builders clean.

HLS also provide a final sparkle clean – the final clean before the official opening.

Our sparkle cleans are extremely professional; our commercial cleaning technicians have vast experience of cleaning large areas efficiently and economically ensuring that our high levels of quality are maintained.

Trust in HLS to provide your premises with a streak free Sparkle Clean

Please feel free to Contact Us; we would be happy to discuss your specifications and happy to provide testimonials and references as evidence of the quality of our commercial cleaning works.

Construction Cleaning:

Both the interior and exterior of your building can be professionally cleaned by HLS. Your building will be cleaned in the safest and most efficient manner by our expert technicians, using the latest in power washing, steam cleaning and chemical cleaning technologies the entire building is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on you and your customers / clients. HLS can use rope access (industrial abseiling) techniques to efficiently and economically reach difficult and high areas both internally and externally.

Our Construction Cleaning service will keep your building looking brand new

Commercial Cleaning:

All commercial properties will, over time require a thorough clean. Weather, traffic, vegetation and human inhabitance are all reasons why all properties require cleaning. The importance of a clean and safe environment for your business cannot be underestimated.

HLS can provide both a reactive and proactive commercial cleaning service; cleaning can be scheduled at intervals of the clients choosing or can be undertaken in response to emergency health and safety concerns.

Our Commercial Cleaning services include:

  • Cladding and Fascia Cleaning (both high and low level)
  • High Level Cleaning
  • High Level Pressure Washing
  • Sports facilities (stadiums, steps, terraces)
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Petrol Stations (including canopies and paving clean and seal)
  • Car dealerships (forecourts, parking areas and buildings)
  • Shopping centres (car parks, internal and external commercial building cleans)
  • Playgrounds (including rubber safety surfacing cleaning)

Industrial Cleaning:

Industrial cleaning can be undertaken on numerous premises, including those that may be more unusual than others. Our technicians are able to access all areas, both high and low, and are experienced and trained to undertake all cleaning works safely and effectively.

HLS can provide industrial cleaning and a unique range of cleaning applications to the following environments:

HLS are able to undertake commercial and industrial projects throughout the UK, including Manchester, London, Birmingham and Liverpool.

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