Cladding Removal

In the instance of scheduled refurbishment, safety risks (including poor waterproofing and fire risks) or the need for improved aesthetics High Level Specialists provide an efficient cladding removal service.

We are specialists at working at height, we are able to access high level areas of your buildings with ease and without the need for expensive and unsightly scaffolding.

Following on from inspections in which cladding is found to be faulty, unsafe or at an elevated risk of fire we are able to strip and remove cladding effectively and in a timely fashion using the safest methods possible – rope access. Specialist rigging and guide systems are installed to lower cladding and remove this from site, all overseen by highly qualified and specialist technicians.

The huge benefit of using rope access methods to remove cladding is that this provides minimal disruption to the people occupying the buildings, whether this be your staff, homeowners, tenants or the general public.

Post removal we are able to apply certified waterproofing and fire retardant coatings to the external of buildings and then, if required re install alternative cladding that is highly rated for waterproofing and fire safety properties.

Cladding Inspections:

If you have any doubts regarding the waterproofing or safety of your cladding we are able to provide a comprehensive inspection of your cladding; this inspection will encompass the entire building and will involve numerous integrity checks evidenced with a formal reporting document that, if necessary can advise on any future actions to both improve safety and aesthetics of your cladded building.

Cladding Cleaning:

If your cladding is safe and risk free High Level Specialists are able to provide a complete external building cleaning service utilising a mixture of pressure washing, steam cleaning and soft washing both at height and at low level. This significantly improves the aesthetic of any building and also provides the opportunity for additional integrity inspections and testing – it is easier to identify faults and damage on a clean surface.

High Level Specialists undertake cladding removal, cladding inspections and cladding cleaning services throughout the UK; we are proud operate nationwide using a diverse and multi skilled team of technicians that are experts in their fields.

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Following on from recent concerns regarding the fire safety risks of some cladded buildings High Level Specialists are able to provide the expertise required to remove cladding, fire proof buildings and replace faulty cladding if required.

‘Statement from the Secretary of State regarding the cladding testing failure rate’ 24.06.2017

‘Ever since the appalling tragedy at Grenfell Tower on Wednesday 14 June, the government has been working very closely with local authorities, housing associations, and the private sector to ensure the safety of high-rise buildings…’ Full Article…