Environmental Monitoring

High Level Specialists provide efficient and accurate environmental monitoring within both confined spaces and susceptible open areas.

Our environmental monitoring assesses the atmosphere, ensuring a safe and breathable environment is available for your staff and contractors to work within.

On Site Environmental Monitoring:

A variety of environmental monitoring and gas detection options are available; we are able to provide a qualified presence on site to monitor harmful gas levels and the general environment; our technicians can also provide Safety Rescue Cover whilst on site with the benefit of trained first aid or medically trained technicians available.

This service is particularly valuable to clients in the process of constructing facilities or those whose production releases harmful gases as a by product.

We are able to both assist in cleaning processes within dangerous confined space environments such as silo’s, incinerators and culverts through the provision of environmental monitoring and safety rescue cover and can also undertake the cleaning and maintenance ourselves if required. Our technicians are multi skilled to complete a vast array of services.

Remote Environmental Monitoring:

We also provide and install remote monitoring systems, the atmosphere can be monitored remotely from anywhere in the world (providing you have a signal) using remote WiFi technologies; this is usually especially beneficial after we have left site and the environment requires to be continually monitored to ensure peoples safety. Our systems can be designed to alert you of the environmental conditions before anybody enters; essentially providing you with an additional layer of protection and ensuring that your risk assessments are compliant.

In the event of harmful atmospheric conditions HLS can provide experienced and trained technicians to work within these environments with the use of specialist breathing and rescue apparatus.

Environmental, atmospheric and gas monitoring can be undertaken in:

  • Wind Farms – wind turbines within the confined spaces internally
  • Manufacturing Facilities – where manufacturing and production releases harmful gases as a by product.
  • Confined Spaces – any space or area which is substantially enclosed (though not always entirely), and where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the space.
  • Excavation Projects – where excavation has uncovered or released harmful gases dangerous to the working technicians.

The processes and procedures involved in environmental and gas monitoring can be transferred to any industries and any environment – please Contact Us to discuss any requirements that you may have regarding environmental monitoring.

Safety Services:

  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue
  • Safety Rescue Cover
  • Work at Height Rescue
  • Safety Netting Installations
  • Fall Arrest Support
  • Safety Support and Consultancy
  • Confined Spaces Support and Consultancy
  • Eyebolt Installations
  • Eyebolt Testing and Certification

Our highly trained and professional IRATA qualified rope access technicians provide Safety Services nationwide and are commited to ensuring the highest standards on all projects.