High Level Specialists provided a specialist and unique gas monitoring installation on a wind farm in Cumbria.

Following on from a substantial amount of time providing Windfarm Rescue Cover in Cumbria and the subsequent success of all wind turbines being operational, our client requested a permanent solution to monitor gas (specifically CO2) within the confined space of the wind turbines that were susceptible to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) pollution.

We were able to purposefully and specifically implement a unique permanent gas monitoring system that was specifically designed and made for the task.

We firstly provided and installed air moving equipment that enables the atmosphere internally be filled with natural, breathable air. This mobile ventilation system will be used each time any significant levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are discovered in the turbine to ensure the safety of the maintenance technicians working within.

We also designed and installed a permanent gas monitoring system; the system is fixed to permanently measure all gas levels internally. All current and historic readings can be accessed and tracked remotely anywhere in the world through an internet connection; our clients are even able to actively track recordings on any smart phone through the intuitive app.

Gas Monitoring Installation Gas Monitoring Installation Gas Monitoring Installation Gas Monitoring Installation

Both systems were installed by our experienced rope access confined space technicians who ensured that the installation and future maintenance was and will be undertaken safely and professionally.

As always our clients with delighted with the equipment provided and the installation; moving forward this system will be vital in ensuring the health and safety of any technician entering the turbines which can present a dangerous and lethal atmosphere if and when polluted.

Similar systems can be designed and installed according to your specification and used in a wide range of sectors / industries where there is the potential for gas levels to be toxic for your technicians. Please Contact Us for further information.