High Level Construction

High Level Specialists offers versatile services for the high level construction industry, making it possible for our clients to realise project cost effectively and safely. Located in Lancashire, HLS undertake high level construction projects throughout the UK.

The use of rope access techniques in construction can increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce project times.

The systems employed can be utilised in a safe manner, with less visibility and impact than any other form of high access, resulting in greater project control, with minimal disruption and above all reducing man hours working at height.

Our High Level Construction services include:

  • Installation and dismantling of structural steelwork
  • Formwork
  • Concrete and joint repairs
  • Welding operations
  • Roof and steeple repairs
  • Telecommunication installations
  • Pipework system installations
  • Cable work system installation
  • Glazing installations
  • Fire systems
  • Fire Proofing
  • Security systems installation and maintenance
  • Lifting and pulling operations
  • Rigging and Lifting/ Moving Loads

Industrial rope access services are often utilised in a supporting role during high level construction. Our rope access technicians can, for example assist in the installation of glazing at height to ensure safety is paramount throughout the installation process.

Another example of supporting roles could include the sealing of windows externally at height or high level Industrial Painting.

HLS provide rigging services to the construction industry; we can move and hoist equipment and tools to any height and to difficult to reach areas using rope access techniques. These techniques are statistically safer than using any type of machinery to otherwise undertake these works, such are the high safety standards that rope access technicians are trained to work by.

Using rope access rigging services is also economical; providing your company with substantial financial savings when compared to the use of plant machinery. Works undertaken by rope access will also prove to be more efficient; ensuring that your projects are completed on time and in budget.

HLS provide numerous High Level Installation services to compliment the construction industry, Banner and Sign Installation, Electrical Installations and Safety System Installation and Certification.

Eyebolt Installations are provided during the construction process; these are essential to ensure that post construction, all areas external to the building can be accessed for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Eyebolt installations can also be provided internally, usually to allow access for air conditioning or ducting systems to enable cleaning and maintenance when required.

If there any unique services that require high level construction we would be happy to discuss these. HLS provide all services throughout the UK, including locations such as Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool.

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