Hospital Cleaning

HLS provide the professional cleaning of hospitals and medical establishments / environments where hygiene is off paramount importance.

With vast experience of working in Manchester Royal Infirmary, Burnley General Hospital and Withington General Hospital, HLS have the experience and professional cleaning technicians required to undertake specialist hospital cleaning services.

Cleanliness and safety are of paramount importance within a hospital environment where hygiene is essential.

The purpose of a hospital is not just to treat those with illness / injuries but also to help these people recover; cleanliness is essential. The bodies immune system is less effective when ill and therefore more vulnerable to infection from the environment. A clean and hygienic environment significantly lowers the probability of further illness through infection and prevents the negative publicity that coincides with this.

HLS specialise in the hygienic builders cleans of wards and operating theaters within a Hospital and medical environment.

Prior to being made operational after construction or refurbishment, wards and theaters must be 100% germ free (free from minute bacteria and viruses); HLS have experience in ensuring that this is essential cleaning is undertaken thoroughly, first time, every time. We have been trusted to provide this Service for numerous Hospitals historically (on behalf of the construction companies working within) and have a proven track record.

Our entire Commercial Cleaning division is vastly experienced and committed to ensuring quality and client satisfaction.

A hygiene cleaning service is also available throughout other industries; laboratories, factories, warehouses and food production facilities may also require hygiene cleaning – Contact Us to provide this service on your behalf.

Hospital Cleaning Hospital Cleaning Hospital Cleaning

HLS can also provide the character themed high level (industrial rope access) cleaning, maintenance and installation Services on the exterior of hospital facilities.

Larger hospitals are often large multi storey buildings and, much like the external areas, require regular cleaning and maintenance, especially considering that nationwide, hospitals seem to attract numerous species of birds to their elevations; the cleaning of bird guano and installation of bird control methods (bird netting,bird spikes) are extremely popular and common within these environments.

HLS can provide a professional service within this environment:

All high level rope access and powered access works in a Hospital environment will be undertaken by our friendly superhero inspired themed technicians to provide a positive experience for the children and patients in the Hospital.

HLS technician James dresses up as Spiderman during works at a School in Knightsbridge, London. The kids loved it even if he did look a bit scary

HLS rope access technician dresses up as Spiderman whilst abseiling in London; the children loved it!

Our Hospital and Medical environment cleaning services are available nationwide; please do not hesitate to Contact Us for more information.