Reactive and Proactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive unscheduled maintenance is required to repair and maintain equipment and structures that have become worn or damaged; this is common in high level areas where the weather in particular can cause the degradation of equipment and structures.

HLS are able to offer an emergency response team of technicians to repair and make safe structural damage in emergency situations, Contact Us on our 24 hour contact telephone number in an emergency – 07827276888

Reactive maintenance can however often be expensive if equipment and structures require replacing; HLS can therefore provide scheduled proactive maintenance to assist in the prevention of expensive equipment and structure degradation.

Proactive Maintenance

A proactive maintenance plan or schedule enables businesses and premises to ensure that their equipment and structures are regularly inspected and maintained; this reduces the likelihood of costly structural repairs and improves the overall continuous safety of a business or premises.

HLS provides scheduled proactive maintenance services, specific and tailored to the requirements of our clients

High level areas are often difficult to both reach and visualise; this leads to the high level areas of buildings often being neglected, accumulating safety hazards and degrading structures. HLS technicians can access these high levels through the use of rope access and inspect, repair and maintain all difficult to reach areas.

HLS are able to utilise UAV Drone Technology to assist in the inspection process if required.

HLS can also provide scheduled Structural Cleaning and Structural Maintenance.

Reactive and Proactive maintenance services are available nationwide, throughout the UK.

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