Roof Repairs and Maintenance

HLS undertake roof repairs and maintenance using industrial rope access techniques to access even the most difficult areas of roof spaces.

HLS can undertake roof repairs and maintenance on various roof structures including:

  • Tiled Roofs – HLS can undertake tile / slate and end cap repairs, replacing tiles and re mortaring tiles in place. Fallen / damaged tiles are not aesthetically pleasing and contribute significantly to leaking roofs; this is particularly common on older, historical buildings.
  • Flat Roofs – HLS can repair, clean and maintain all aspects of a flat roof; commercially, flat roofs should only be accessed via scaffolding (with a suitable safety system in place) through the use of fall arrest (in which our technicians are trained) or rope access techniques to ensure safety at height.
  • Glazed Roofs – HLS can, in most cases access glazed roof structures by carefully and strategically devising effective rope access methods, enabling the efficient and economical replacement, repair, maintenance and cleaning of glazed roof spaces.

Using rope access technicians to undertake your roof repairs provides an economical and efficient method of work.

There is no need for expensive and unsightly scaffolding; additional to this is the fact that rope access roof repairs and maintenance are completed far more efficiently as set up times are minimal and thus providing the minimum amount of disruption.

HLS have vast experience of undertaking roof repairs on historical buildings such as Blackpool Tower and Town Hall’s, repairing and preserving with the utmost care and in many cases, using unique mortar products (such as hydraulic lime mortar) to preserve the heritage.

Industrial IRATA trained rope access technicians that are also time served, experienced roofing and glazing technicians are used on all roofing projects to ensure professionalism and quality of works.

The High Level Cleaning of these roof spaces, including the unblocking of gutters and indeed Gutter Repairs can also be undertaken as well as tasks such as the removal of vegetation.

The High Level Cleaning of roof spaces is, more often than not undertaken to remove vegetation and bird faces / guano.

HLS can provide Bird Control services to prevent bird infestation problems, which, are often unsightly and unhygienic for the public and clients alike. Bird Control methods such as the installation of bird netting and spikes provides an excellent deterrent; HLS will provide and install all Bird Control deterrents at height.

All Roof Repair, Maintenance, Cleaning and Bird Control Services are available throughout the UK.

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