Safety Rescue Cover

High Level Specialists provide safety rescue cover to energy, manufacturing and industrial industries nationwide.

Regulation 5 of the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 requires ‘suitable and sufficient’ emergency arrangements to be in place for the rescue of any person entering or working within a confined space.

Our safety rescue cover services are highly specific to our client requirements and we provide rescue cover for confined spaces and for work at height through the use of rope access.

Confined Space Rescue:

We can provide an assessment of the working area prior to providing rescue cover services; this assessment and report will identify the level of risk within an area and identify the safest and most efficient means of providing a safe working atmosphere for the technicians working within.

We are highly experienced at working within confined space areas in which dangerous gases are present and can provide all gas monitoring equipment, air moving equipment and appropriate breathing apparatus (including rescue and escape sets).

Our rescue technicians are highly trained and possess qualifications and experience of rope access, rescue techniques, use of breathing apparatus, confined space training, GWO training and emergency first aid. In high risk environments we will also provide a trained medic.

Our technicians work with you, we collaborate on the formation of risk assessments to ensure a positive understanding of the task and the specific risks involved– we are there to provide cover in any situation or emergency.

Rope Access Rescue:

Our highly trained rope access technicians can provide rescue cover when working at height; we provide fall arrest advice and support and will provide all relevant equipment and harnesses when required.

Our technicians will not only provide safety support but will also (if required) assist in the work tasks meaning you can complete the work faster and more efficiently and within time.

Safety lines, fall arrest systems and safety netting can all be provided and installed to assist in maintaining the safety of the working environment and to aid with fallen persons or dropped objects.

Our rescue technicians are highly trained, possess qualifications and experience of rope access, rescue techniques, use of breathing apparatus, confined space training and emergency first aid. In high risk environments we will also provide a trained medic.

Safety Services - Safety Rescue Cover Safety Services - Safety Rescue Cover Safety Services - Safety Rescue Cover

Pioneering Confined Space and Rope Access Rescue:

High Level Specialists are the pioneers of providing confined space rope access rescue solutions working on onshore windfarms built on open cast mine sites contaminated with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – the silent killer. These pioneering works were undertaken in the energy sector, specifically on a large wind farm near Workington, Cumbria in which all turbines were polluted with Carbon Dioxide; we were drafted in at short notice for a re – active solution to provide a safe working and breathable atmosphere as well as providing confined space entry and rescue cover for the mechanical, electrical and commissioning teams responsible for ensuring that the turbines were both connected to the grid supplying electricity but then also maintained for 300 hour maintenance carried out by service technicians. Full RAMS were put in place and strict guidelines were followed to ensure safe and efficient works inside the Wind Turbines by all contractors ensuring the project was finished on time and within budget.

Why Choose High Level Specialists?

  • High Level Specialists use only the highest qualified and most experienced rescue technicians.
  • Large teams of highly trained rescue technicians can be assembled quickly.
  • Accurate reports and risk assessments are provided; these are tailored to each specific safety rescue situation.
  • Our rope access rescue technicians can provide safety rescue cover at any height and within any confined space.
  • We own and provide the vast majority of the equipment required; this ensures that all equipment is readily available, in excellent working condition, conforms to all relevant BS EN standards and provides our client with a more economical safety rescue cover provider.
  • We are able to mobilise quickly and provide safety rescue cover to any location nationwide.
  • High Level Specialists are accredited with Safe Contractor, CHAS and Construction Line; as well as all rope access technicians being fully IRATA certified ensures that we employ safe systems of work on all projects.
  • High Level Specialists are fully insured, £10,000,000 employers liability, £5,000,000 public liability and possess specific insurance for work within high risk confined spaces.


Safety Services:

  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue
  • Safety Rescue Cover
  • Work at Height Rescue
  • Safety Netting Installations
  • Fall Arrest Support
  • Safety Support and Consultancy
  • Confined Spaces Support and Consultancy
  • Eyebolt Installations
  • Eyebolt Testing and Certification

Our highly trained and professional IRATA qualified rope access technicians provide Safety Services nationwide and are commited to ensuring the highest standards on all projects.