School Pressure Washing – The entire building of St Nicholas School cleaned using high and low level pressure washing

HLS completed the high and ground level school pressure washing of St Nicholas C of E primary School in Blackpool, Lancashire.

Our client wanted all marks removing from the rendering and capping stones at height as well as the entire building externally cleaned.

HLS completed this task in a shorter time than expected, just one day! Although it was one very long day! The project also came in under budget. Price and inconvenience were kept to an absolute minimum.

We utilised one our many IPAF qualified technicians to operate powered access at height and used two of our industrial scale high pressure jet washing machines to ensure that the works were completed efficiently and economically.

The School now looks brand new!

As an extra for our client we also ensured that all external windows were given a full clean.

Before and After - High Level Pressure Washing. School Pressure Washing.

Before and After – one of our IPAF qualified technician (Director – Chris) brands the School with our logo! As you can see this was thoroughly cleaned, what an improvement!

School Pressure Washing

Using Powered Access we were able to reach and thoroughly clean all difficult to reach areas.

School Pressure Washing

Our skilled IPAF technician Chris was able to maneuver the powered access machine over roofs to access and clean all areas.

School Pressure Washing - High Level Pressure Washing

All staining and dirt on the render and capping stones of the building was effectively cleaned away.

Please see our High Level Pressure Washing page for further information about pressure washing at height.

HLS provide pressure washing services at all heights; we can effectively clean driveways, car parks, large concrete flooring areas, the externals of buildings (including cladding, fascias and glazing) as well as roof spaces at any height – our IRATA trained rope access and IPAF qualified technicians ensure that all areas are accessible.

Please see our Commercial Cleaning and / or Pressure Washing page for further information.