Solar Energy

HLS technicians can provide installation, repairs, maintenance and commercial cleaning to solar energy installations throughout the UK.

Bird Control is currently a popular operation; bird netting can be installed both at height or ground level to prevent birds from nesting underneath solar panels.

Bird guano on solar panels can dramatically reduce their efficiency; the deterrent of bird’s is paramount in ensuring a resolution to this problem.

HLS also provide technicians to fully clean solar panels both for commercial / industrial clients and the general public improving energy efficiency. Again, dirty solar panels significantly reduce their energy efficiency and output; solar panels are cleaned using purified water to prevent any smearing and hard water marks. Soft brushes are used to ensure the integrity of the solar panels remains intact.

High level solar panels, i.e those installed on the roofs of commercial / industrial / residential properties are reached and cleaned through the use of rope access; this allows unobstructed access to difficult to reach areas.

For our commercial and industrial clients, this method also presents a green, low carbon cleaning option as it negates the use of expensive fuel powered access machinery such as scissor lifts or cranes. Rope access methods also provide no ground based obstructions ensuring that our clients can continue to operate during the cleaning works.

Our rope access technicians can assist in the installation of solar panels, ensuring health and safety during the installation process remains paramount.

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