UAV Drone Technology

Aerial Filming and Photography with UAV Drone Technology.

We specialise in professional 4k high definition aerial filming and photography using advanced UAV Drone Technology.

A bird’s-eye view from remotely operated UAVs Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) enables shots that were previously only achievable using full-sized aircraft or helicopters. Unlike their larger manned counterparts, drones are designed to access the inaccessible, offering limitless options for shot positioning and perspective, transmitting a live feed to a ground station monitor so you can see what’s being framed and captured in real time.

The uses of a UAV Drone include:

  • Structural high level surveys
  • Roof inspections
  • Aerial photography

The images and videos captured allow for the evidence to be retained for future reference in regards to proposed improvements or maintenance required.

The process and the end result:

Leading up to the day of a shoot, we carry out a thorough risk assessment and a site survey, and ensure that people living and working in the vicinity will be inconvenienced as little as possible; we often film at weekends when businesses and schools are closed. Flying is weather dependent so we thoroughly monitor forecasts in the run up to a shoot day. We seek access permission where appropriate and ensure we have a traffic control plan in place. We arrange appropriate permissions from CAA, air traffic control and highways agency where necessary.

We carry out all the ground work beforehand so that everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day itself; our expert team of on-site camera operators and spotters arrive and set up in plenty of time to ensure maximum flying time to meet your project brief. Whatever the nature of your aerial photography project, our drones will deliver live feed, a stunning set of stills or a sequence of broadcast quality footage finished to suit you; whether your brief demands a completely raw image or a fully edited film with graphics. With many years’ experience in offshore work we have the knowledge and understanding required to deliver a cost-effective solution to your monitoring, evidence-gathering and safety inspection requirements. Our UAVs are able to overcome obstacles which can often hamper the progress of inspections and surveys. The live feed can be viewed in real-time, enabling clients to make informed decisions immediately, preventing unnecessary work being carried out; and saving your organisation many costly, often hazardous man hours.

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