Bird Control

High Level Specialists Bird Control service provides the complete solution for all your bird infestation problems – available throughout the UK.
Our professional bird control technicians come fully equipped to survey your problem onsite and install the right preventative system to eliminate any future bird infestations.

We can access difficult to reach areas and install the right equipment to deter the risk of any potential bird roosting spots

Window sills, ledges, beams, rafters, roof tops, signs, pipework, chimney pots, ridge tiles and gutters are all common areas where we have found roosting birds. These areas are then bird proofed to prevent the unwanted roosting.

We use humane methods of preventing birds from landing on these potential problem areas. The birds will not be harmed in any way. Bird spiking and bird netting are just two of the most common systems we use. Your site may use a combination of both or simply require a complete new system.

Our Bird Control Services include:

  • Removal of birds safely from inside of faulty netting
  • Repair damaged, old bird netting, bird spikes and wires
  • Removal of inappropriately placed netting
  • Removal of and reinstatement of netting to prevent re-entry of birds during building / refurbishment projects
  • Installation of new bird netting, bird spikes and wires
  • Clean and remove fouling from the building / structure and replace netting, spikes and wires accordingly

Our professional and experienced technicians can also offer qualified advice

Roosting birds can cause huge problems for building owners including:

  • Damage to buildings
  • Health issues
  • Defacement of the property
  • Increased maintenance costs

We are able to offer various proofing options, the most common being UV resistant bird netting (19mm, 50mm or 75mm), providing a barrier to prevent birds from roosting. UV resistant bird netting is installed using either a pin and wire, weld mesh or points system.

We have successfully used this, and other systems on:

  • Churches
  • Factories
  • Refineries
  • Stadiums
  • Office blocks
  • Museums

All of our rope access technicians are IRATA qualified and certified to operate cherry pickers (IPAF), erect tower scaffolding (PASMA) and hold current CSCS cards.

 HLS have recently began installing bird proofing systems on solar panels both at high and low level

There are many Systems that can be used (we will advise if required) the most popular used are either bird netting, bird spikes, bird wire narcotises or repellent gels.

Choosing the Correct System:

Mistakes in the choice of Bird Proofing Systems can lead to embarrassing and expensive failures. Each System is only effective against certain species of Bird. Different Systems have different abilities to withstand the Pressure that the Birds will exert in trying to get back into the proofed area’s. Below is a description of the three main classifications.

Heavy Pressure:

Parts of a building used for nesting and night roosting. Generally a lot of fouling with nests, eggs and squabs. Birds are highly motivated to regain access. Netting is the only System that is likely to be successful in this situation. Spike Systems designed for Heavy Pressure situations will only give limited success and will most likely need to be backed up by a selective cull.

Medium Pressure:

Regular day roost, usually overlooking a food source. Often heavily fouled. Netting and Spike Systems can be confidently considered here.

Low Pressure:

Occasional daytime roost usually on an exposed part of the building. Little fouling to be seen. A large choice of Systems here, depending on budget and location.

Why Choose High Level Specialists:

HLS offers bird control services throughout the UK in locations such as:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Brighton

HLS has previously undertaken bird control works in locations such as Heathrow Airport – London, Liverpool and Swansea both on behalf of some of the nations leading pest control firms and also as a main contractor.

HLS can also advise and consult on further pest control problems at your premises; HLS work collaboratively with numerous pest control companies throughout the UK to provide a holistic and collaborative approach to bird and pest control.

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