High Level Inspection

High Level Specialists carry out high level inspection of a wide range of structures including: storage tanks, ventilation or service shafts, tunnels, culverts, chimneys, masts, pylons, dams, bridges and high-rise buildings, wind turbines, oil and gas rigs. All using rope access techniques or, UAV Drone Technology when required.

Our inspection service aims to keep disruption to the customer and third parties to a minimum.

Rope access provides an economical alternative to cradles, scaffolding and access platforms

This is especially true on short duration inspection work which often comes with limited working hours such as rail possessions, plant isolation’s and planned shut down periods.

Roof Inspections of multiple storey buildings and buildings such as theatres, arenas and venues are popular; Our rope access technicians can access the roof and external spaces with unobstructed access and inspect the exterior of the building providing a comprehensive survey for our clients.

Regular inspections are a form of proactive maintenance and can, long term, save our clients a great deal of money. HLS currently undertake numerous roof inspections for local businesses in the North West, Blackpool and Preston in-particular.

High Level Specialists specialise in bridge inspection, repair and maintenance; due to the location of bridges, often rope access is the only means of accessing the entire structure to undertake these essential works.

Inspections vary from simple visual to full in-depth tactile examination, detailing corrosion effects, dimensional analysis and condition, through to full non-destructive testing (NDT) of metallic and reinforced concrete structures.

We also can carry out WiFi camera inspections using the latest in UAV Drone Technology with a fully integrated screen so that the client can see exactly what the technician see’s. Please Contact Us for more information.

The competence of our inspection staff is essential to provide peace of mind to our customers that the acquisition of information from the structure is not only relevant but gathered and reported in a standardised manner.
Our Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS) is based on the NVQ scheme, using ENTO guidelines and which is administered by our internal verifier. Training and assessment of core inspection skills is delivered by approved Assessors and includes:

  • Basic structural mechanics
  • Structural elements – concrete, steel, masonry and timber
  • Building fabrics – masonry, timber, glass, cladding and GRP
  • Structure types
  • Failure mechanisms
  • In-service defects
  • Recognising and dealing with serious defects

CAMS has been developed so that it can be used with a number of External Competence Standards i.e Network Rail Standard NR/SP/CIV/047 and which can be externally verified by the schemes authorised auditors.

High Level Cladding Inspections:

High Level Specialists are able to provide highly skilled tradesmen, all IRATA trained rope access technicians, to access all cladded areas on high rise buildings. We are able to conduct the inspection, installation and repair of cladding systems nationwide. Our access methods are uninhibited, efficient, safe and cause minimal disruptions to our clients and the people occupying these buildings. High Level Specialists have the experience of inspecting, repairing and replacing all key cladding materials, whether it is box profile, fibre cement or timber cladding.

Faulty and damaged cladding can easily be removed via rope access methods with specialist rigging systems that again, reduce disruption – expensive and unsightly scaffolding is not required although in some instances we may also utilise powered access equipment to speed up the process.

We will also ensure that any cladding replaced and installed is certified for waterproofing and fire rated to the highest standards to ensure safety.

Alongside our install and repair cladding service, High Level Specialists are able to provide scheduled maintenance programmes to aide in the prevention of leaks and draughts from deteriorated sealing works to choked water drainage systems. Like all our other services, we’ll conduct all works with minimum disruptions caused to our client by working around their schedule and when required,out of hours work.

We’ll use our industry expertise and fully qualified technicians to complete cladding inspections, installs and repairs across the United Kingdom. No matter what your cladding type, age, current condition or material.


High Level Specialists undertake high level inspections throughout the UK; including locations such as London, Manchester and Birmingham – Inspections can be undertaken in a proactive regular manner ensuring long term efficiency.

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