High Level Pressure Washing

Our rope access high level pressure washing cleaning contracts range from the cleaning of high level steel work and building framework to all types of industrial and commercial buildings and structures using various methods from vacuuming to power washing.

All our staff are IRATA qualified with an IRATA Level 3 Supervisor to oversee each team.  HLS have carried out high level cleaning in some of the UK’s largest food, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers;

Where required HLS can provide powered access along with qualified operatives for buildings where rope access would not be feasible; this is sometimes the case on two – five storey buildings such as Schools and Hospitals.

Our state of the art vehicles are fully equipped with:

  • Mounted pressure washers powered by diesel that don’t require your mains electricity.
  • Hotbox burners to produce hot water(hot pressure washing/steam cleaning)
  • Mounted hose reels. Both high pressure and delivery water hosepipe to tank
  • 1000 litre water tanks on board.
  • Generators to supply power for lighting & wet & dry vacuums
  • An extensive range of graffiti removal chemicals to tackle any surface
  • First aid and eye wash stations
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Reach heights of up to 300m

Why choose us?

High Level Specialists carry out work with minimum disruption to our clients own working environment.

All our work is scheduled around are client’s requirements. Our trained professionals have a wealth of knowledge in high level pressure washing and are licensed to safely use the equipment and access methods that might be required for those hard to reach areas.

We are:

HLS can clean steelwork, Cladding and Fascia’s’ brick buildings (using a low psi and steam cleaning technology), heritage buildings (using a low psi) and concrete structures. All heights and difficult to reach areas are accessible.

Our pressure washers can create pressure of up to 3000psi, this ensures that any ingrained dirt, staining and vegetation will be cleaned expertly and will leave your building looking like new!

 HLS specialise in Commercial and Industrial Cleaning at all heights and have vast experience of using pressure jet washers at all heights; we undertake works throughout the UK in locations such as London, Sheffield and Manchester.

To discuss our High Level Pressure Jet Washing services.